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Its a Tuesday in May and what could be better than spending some time sorting through kiloware. Kiloware is the name given to bulk lots of used stamps for sale to collectors by weight. Most kiloware comprises of used stamps, clipped from incoming mail and still on the original paper from the envelope. Less frequently, some stamp outlets offer kiloware that has already been soaked off any backing paper. Off paper stamp mixtures are usually more expensive as buyers get many more stamps supplied for a given weight.

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Some kiloware dealers seperate kiloware in to small, low-value definitives, commemorative and pictorial stamps, higher values and air mails etc. and price these mixtures by the kilo accordingly. However, some kiloware enthusiasts avoid buying these stamp mixtures as, having already been sorted and graded, lucky finds are could be less likely.

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Kiloware / stamp mixtures from around the world - large ...
Mission kiloware or mission mixtures are kiloware produced by charities, churches etc., where volunteers collect stamps and sell them to dealers. Over the years, we have established a great network of high-quality kiloware suppliers, which is how we have access to stamp mixtures from all over the world.

Kiloware - Wikipedia
Kiloware is a term for packages of postage stamps sold to stamp collectors by weight rather than by quantity, often in kilograms, hence the name. Kiloware usually consists of used stamps on paper from mail clippings, although off paper stamps may also be sold as kiloware.

Stamps Kiloware - Find Your Stamps Value
Mission kiloware or mission mixture is a type of kiloware that comprises on-paper stamps collected by churches or other charitable organizations to sell a great number of them to stamp dealers. In such a way charitable organizations raise money for fulfilling some philanthropic missions. Such mixtures usually are heavy on definitive (regular ...

Stamps kiloware blog
This is a kiloware coming from a New Zealand seller. He does have excellent feedback, and I did bought from him once or twice, he is reliable and use real stamps on package (he did 2/m years ago, so I suppose he still do).

Kiloware | Definition of Kiloware by Merriam-Webster
Kiloware definition is - packaged mixtures of unsorted postage stamps accumulated especially by European post offices largely from parcel tags and sold by the kilogram.

Postlynx - KILOWARE Stamps World Regional Countries
PostLynx Kiloware offerings are from over 100 countries and are categorized by Kiloware Whole World, Countries, Regions, England, and Germany. We also offer several different Kiloware categories such as the Stampbag, the Goldbag, the Missionbag, and so on. These bag types signify the different levels of quality of the Kiloware.

Nordfrim - Kiloware – Worldwide
See an example of the content in one of our very popular worldwide kiloware / stamp mixtures (25294) in this video. Buy the kiloware here http://www.nordfrim...

KILOWARE - Robert Murray Stamp Shop
A NOTE REGARDING THE PRESENT STATE OF KILOWARE; Things have changed in recent years. Going back a decade or two, most of the stamps charities were given would be from current or recent mail, but they would always have some that people had from clearing out an old house, or going through old family paper.

Kiloware | Kiloware stamp | Collectors stamps | Stamps from
S&D Collectables – a superb range of unpicked kiloware stamp from GB and many world countries. Kiloware is an extremely popular item of ours with stamps collectors. Bespoke Kiloware also available.

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