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On a Tuesday in July like today, is anything more enjoyable than discovering a rare stamp or scarce postmark? Mission Mix is made up of used postage stamps offered for sale to collectors by weight. At first glance, mission mix will usually appear to be an unremarkable mass of postally used stamps, mostly still stuck to paper, that has been snipped from someones mail. Sometimes kiloware stamps already soaked off paper is offered for sale but this can prove more expensive as many more stamps are needed to make up the same weight compared to standard mission mix on paper.

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The philatelic press often contains advertising for so called mission mixtures. In reality, these mission mixes are usually just another name for kiloware accumulated and sold to raise funds by charities, churches, scouts or similar voluntary bodies. Mission kiloware will often contain heavy duplication of recent, common, standard letter rate stamps but, if it is genuinely unpicked, some better and more valuable stamps might well be there to discover by a patient and lucky sorter.

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