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Unused 2nd Class Stamps is a mass of used postage stamps still stuck on paper and sold to stamp collectors by weight. Some older collectors reading this page may remember a BBC Blue Peter Appeal for used stamps which fueled the kiloware industry for a long time!

On a Tuesday in August there are few things better for a philatelist than sorting through a pile of old used postage stamps. The unused 2nd class stamps you buy should appear to be a completely unsorted mixture of postally used stamps which are still stuck to clipped envelope paper. Sometimes mixtures of stamps off paper are offered for sale as unused 2nd class stamps but, most collectors would probably agree, this is not the correct use of the term as off paper stamps are more often sold by the number of stamps rather than in kilos!.

Advice on Soaking Stamps Off Unused 2nd Class Stamps

When sorting on or off paper stamp mixtures and Kiloware you can often find apparently unused stamps or stamps that have not been cancelled as they passed through the commercial mail system. It is important to know that it is a criminal offence in many countries - including the UK - to re-use a postage stamp that you know has already passed through the mail system. It is not unknown for some unscrupulous people to try using cleaning agents or chemicals to remove postmarks or try other deceptive methods to make a stamp appear unused. For this reason we strongly advise readers not to buy unused stamps that do not have gum on the back (or the original waxed backing paper if they are self-adhesive stamps). Obviously any genuinely mint, unused stamps you find with original gum or backing paper while sorting Kiloware and charity stamps can legitimately be used for mail.

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